Assalamualaikum, Hi.

Related imageHehe I don't know from where should I start but the need to write is real this time around, just bear with me and if you try to be a smarty-pant in a sense of judging my grammatical flaws, your reading stops here, don't take it to heart mate! But hey, I do mean it. 


I don't get it why some people just keep on pointing faults on others as if he or she has never done anything wrong throughout years of living? I don't get it why within seconds, my positive intuition falls down to the lowest pit simply because I couldn't reach their expectation level? I am not living a life to please them. Why would I get to their standards JUST to gain acceptance and fit in the circle?

"Maybe, they have never been in my shoes, to exactly feel the tumbles and bounces."

I believe, there are a lot of things going around in one's life on daily basis, sometimes good and  sometimes not. There were days when I got prepared for bed after a long day, feeling ecstatically happy and free. And there were some days when I had a pillow on my face, covering my ugly sobbing face when life hit me, bitterly. For every tear and smile that life offers me, I can never be thankful enough, because the process itself makes me, ME

I know, instead of counting things that I am lacking of, I should start being grateful. I have never tried to see myself from the eyes of others who most likely wish to have a life like me. I seriously not that stupid or whatsoever they may call, to work with all of my might-spending days and nights, putting my heart and soul for a TOTAL rejection. I thought I have done enough, but sadly I did not.

Maybe...that's how life works...