Reminiscence :')



Coretan yang aku simpan sekian lama. Masih ingat?

               It was 8 when I reached the class. I could see half of them were white and the rest were black. I narrowed down my sight... I saw someone familiar. And everything begun on that second.. Do you remember? We often burst out laugh together, went for ablution in surau and perform prayer after class dismisses ... 

              While waiting for our mom, we chatted while having Teh O Ais on a long bench together. You've went away from my sight. Far far away. Deep in my soul, I'm hoping you'll come into my world once again. You loved English as I do. Sometimes, you helped to solve up my matter. The memories still imprint on my mind when you hold tight my shoulders, you whispered something that touched my heart.. 

"Huda..nanti hang jangan garang sangat...

              Alone on that night, Al-Khaliq knew how touched I was. On my last day, you didn't show up. I managed to catch your glimpse when you were sitting on the edge of the corridor. I saw you were bowing. I went to get you for awhile before I left. I ate with you for the last time. When the time arrived, I had to make a leave. I left you with thousands memories that we had sailed together. Thanks, Nazihah.

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