Poem : A Loyal Dandelion


Semalam, masa tengah study Computer Literacy dengan housemates, tetiba rasa nak sambung poem yang saya pernah buat. Nanti saya cerita sekali kenapa saya tulis poem ni. Saya rasa poem ni meaning dia deep sikit. More or less I would say it is my favourite yay! Have fun :)

A Loyal Dandelion by Huda.

I was like a dandelion,
Nowhere to head off,
Floating by the tune of wind,
To bloom my scent,
On a drought land.

For every fallen petal,
You will never be the dew,
But a catastrophe,
That breaks the glass,
Into a shining dust.

I am now a hiraeth,
A heart where you can't return to,
Or I wish that never was.

September 2015

I symbolize the writer as a dandelion where the person she thinks could be trusted and being loyal to is actually not. It's like she has made a mistake in choosing that particular person whom she trusted the most at the first place. However, the writer ends up feeling so sad as she was left all alone. Her heart was broken into pieces where it said like a shining dust

And there was one time when the person wants to get back to her, but she refused to and seems like there's no even a single chance left. Only if she knows these were all the things she will get in return, she wishes not to meet that person again, or never in her whole life!

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