My halfway journey with that man.

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

Today I would like to share with you guys a remarkable day I had with my classmates. It was two days after finals ended. Since Malacca wasn’t our homeland, we decided to walk around town before we left. We were all five. Together with me were Zaron, Suraya, Beeha and Sri.

We started our journey early in the morning. We took bus from the main gate of UITM to Alor Gajah. Once we arrived the bus station, we took another bus to Malacca Central (MC). The only thing I hope for is to get a seat, at least. Otherwise, I need to stand and tightly hold the bars so I won’t fall onto anyone. The journey was nearly an hour and half. 

Just my two cents, whenever you get into public buses, please take a very good care of your belongings. For girls, wear proper attire and just ignore any whistle, smile or stare yang macam pelik pelik tu. All in all, mind your manners and be polite to everyone.

There are quite number of experiences I went through with Panorama (the name of the bus). But, this is the first time I ever experienced this and frankly it was a very thrilling one. Zaron sat next to me, her seat was next to the window, mine was near to the standing lane. There was one time when the bus stopped by the roadside to pick up passengers. One lady came and stood next to me. Zaron and I looked at each other. I was about to stand up because she was in need of seat. I said to Zaron that I wanted to offer my seat to that lady. 

Zaron said ‘yes’ and asked me to take care. I stood up and looked for any bar I could hold on. While I was searching for one, there was a middle-age man called me out of nowhere. 

Adik! Adik!”  

There was one seat left next to him. I was about to say NO but that man insisted. Everyone was looking at me and I had no choice. That man was a bit plump in size. He dominated and I just had small space to sit. It wasn’t really a matter, I should be very thankful for his kindness anyway. From the very beginning, he was being so fatherly and nice. I didn’t have any thought that he would do any bad or harm. He questioned my backgrounds. We conversed in Malay Language till he asked me what course I’m currently in? I told him and he was wow-ing me.

So you can speak English?” that man asked 
Yes, pakcik, but I’m not that very good.” I replied

Since then, he spoke to me in English. It was my turn to wow him. If you see the way he was, trust me you wouldn’t have even a slight of expectation. His English was hundred percent, superb and way way way better than me. He told me lot of stories about his life. Sometimes, I could hear him clearly but most of the time I couldn’t. It wasn’t because I’m not interested, but the sound of honk and vehicles were much disturbing. 

He told me that he was a businessman. He already got married. He met in an accident few years back. The accident was worst I think because he was paralyzed and comma for few months. Unfortunately, after some time, his wife asked for divorced and now he lives with his adopted family. That man seemed so serious by the time he told me the stories. I just listened to him without uttering even a word. Sometimes, I nodded as a sign I got your point.

After a very long story, that man didn’t say anything and he stayed quiet. I guessed the story has finally ends. I acted as if I was busy looking on my watch and phone. I drank some water to quench my thirst before he started talking to me again. This time he spoke in Malay Language. I sensed something fishy because he told me the exact same stories all over again. This time he spoke to me in Malay. Everything was same. But he ended his stories by asking me for ‘something.’

Adik, Adik boleh bagi seringgit dua tak untuk pakcik makan?

I freaked out but at the same time I pitied him. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly searched for my purse in bag. I was about to give that man some money before I suddenly realized I was surrounded by men and most of them were outsiders. It was a big no no to take off your belongings openly. I was thinking what should I do if something happened? What if that man grabbed my bag? What if he threaten me with knife? What if he hit me kee apa kee kan? I changed my mind. I zipped my bag and stayed silent. That man asked me for money again, he raised up his voice a bit. Maybe he thought I couldn’t hear him.

No, I don’t have money.” I told him without giving a glance.

I could say his bright face turned dull. He didn’t even bother to talk to me anymore after that. The only thing I hoped for was to get off the bus as soon as possible. 15 minutes later, the bus reached MC. I walked out really fast without turning back and got back to my friends. I told them what has happened between me and that man. 

One of my friends said, there were many who have been trapped. They tricked people with stories and sweet words before asking for money. So please dearest friends, do take a very good care of yourselves, not only in the buses, but anywhere everywhere wherever you are. Don’t easily talk to anyone you don’t know. And don’t judge people based on their appearances. If you find someone with decent looks, it doesn’t simply mean he or she is personally good and kind. Anyone can be someone.

Alright, that’s all for now till we meet again, thank you and have a nice day!

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