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Hi! Have a nice day ahead everyone, I feel like sharing something today. I just started having pen pals past few weeks. It has been one of my daily routines writing letters to my pen pals now. Despite of technological era we’re now living in, I've never thought that there are still some people out there who spend some of their precious time spreading kindness through snail mailing.

The first letters I sent away was on 28th May 2016 if I’m not mistaken. I enjoy writing so much because I’m all free to rant without being judged hiks. I posted some of my outgoing and incoming mails on Instagram. Yes, Instagram is the only medium I use to search for random people to write to :)

Most of my pen pals are basically living abroad. Not much Malaysians do pen palling, but still I have two ladies who constantly replying my letters. That's more than fine for me. I usually take 2-3 hours replying, decorating and sorting little goodies to be sealed together in the envelopes. 

I love going through posts with the hashtags #penpalswanted #penpalsneeded on Instagram, I could hardly brain how did they craft such a fine mail! Trust me, you gonna squint ya eyes! So far, I’ve sent 21 letters and some of them are still on their ways. I really hope it will reach my pen pals very soon. I will post my letters weekly, on Wednesday. How about the cost? Hee, I spend my own saving money to buy stamps + air mail blue stickers. Stamp’s price for international postage can be varied, it differs to particular countries. To make things easier, I'll go to the post office and ask for some help from the officers. 

I find happiness in little things. Some incoming mails hit my mailbox as well. They are all absolutely nice and I can see how much effort they put in to send me such a well-written letter. By the way, snail mailing needs you to write by hands, no typing. Try it, trust me, you gonna have fun expressing feelings and thoughts to random people who willingly to hear, and give you replies.

Do you know? The most expensive letter I’ve sent was two weeks back. It was for a friend in Saudi Arabia. It costs me RM 10 only for stamps. BARU SETEM KOT ALAHAI MAHAINYAPsstt, because I can't help myself not to put in weighty goodies hehe. Some people may find snail mailing and post crossing are useless or probably just a waste of money. But for me, it isn't. I strongly believe, each and everyone of us would have our own interest, liking and preference, no harm in giving respect.

For those who love reading, they buy book of their choices regardless of how much it may cost, those who like makeups, won't mind buying few shades of lipsticks, and for someone who is undeniably a big fan of football? Will stay up late for Euro. I think, it’s not a big deal to pay for things we like, don’t we? 

Anywayswaysways, if you wish to be my pen pals, you’re always free to ping me, we shall see how will it go J

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