Poem : Livender

Assalamualaikum, this poem is written for a friend's birthday and it has been in my draft for months, tak siap-siap. But, I decided to get it done last week for a short contest on Twitter. Alhamdulillah, Livender made to the next level. Unfortunately, I got to know the poll a lil bit late yesterday, alahai. Better luck next time. Thank you so much for the retweets and votes anyway. It means a lot to me 🌼

Title : Livender (Lilac + Lavender)
By : Huda Jafni

Here's a short midnight ode,
From a Lavender,
Who misses the scent of a Lilac.

It has been years of seasons,
We are just two flowers,
With few similarities,
Shaded by innumerable differences,
Yet we somehow the same,
Though we live in different corners of the world,
It doesn't mean our lives,
Revolve around only in one swirling axis.

Even when you leave me without trace,
Like a leaf, lost in breeze,
I'll keep bringing along,
Canvasses of our days,
That you painted, 
With colours of happiness.

In this purplish garden,
I'll never wait for spring,
To stand still.

June 2016

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