Assalamualaikum, Hi!

Ramadhan Kareem, I hope everyone is doing well J

Last Saturday, I attended an interview for TESL Degree in UITM. It was my third interview for English teaching course and this time around, it was the farthest from home. Father drove us all the way from Kedah to Puncak Alam. The day was scorching hot, I slept along the journey. I promised myself to study though, tapi tapi tapi semuanya #sembangkencang belaka. After 6-7 hours, we finally arrived UITM Puncak Alam. 

We went there a day earlier and stayed a night at Alam Suria, somewhere nearby UITM and I highly recommended this home stay. My interview was on 8.30 am. We took off at 7.30 am. Fakulti Pendidikan is the exact place where my interview was held. There were numbers of candidates swarming the lobby with the best formal attires.

We were divided into 6 panels if I’m not mistaken, and 20 candidates per panel. Alhamdulillah, I was in the 6th panel. Together with me were Nabila and KakJi, luckily I found these two. Ada kawan yay! The first session was writing test. It went for an hour, with few questions based on a passage, 10 grammatical questions, and the last part was essay writing, 300-350 words. Trust me, you really need to have a plan. Don’t spend too much time on comprehension questions as writing carries more marks. Please keep yourself fresh, construct the outline first, so you won’t get stuck halfway writing the essay.

p/s : saya pun main tibai entah apa apa merapu dalam essay haritu :P

After an hour of battling for the writing task, here we go to the interview room! There were 20 candidates and I was the 17th. It took me lots of courage to deal with butterflies in my stomach. Despite of the AC was frosting up the corridor, I still sweat off. We got to know each other while waiting for our turns, just to break the ice and cool down the nerve-wrecking hours. Mom Dad and siblings went for a tour around the campus while waiting for me, hee.

Alright, here are lists of possible questions from the interviewers.
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why you choose TESL
  • How to make English fun
  • Your experience (working/writing/travelling)
  • One question in Bahasa Melayu

They basically asked you questions based on your interest. It took me almost 2 hours and half (probably) for my turn, there were only three candidates left. The bell rang and I got into the room. *dup dup*

I handled files of certificates and photocopies documents. No matter how ‘scary’ the interviewers may look like, breathe in breathe out and keep calm. There were two lecturers I guess interviewing me. So first question was “Please introduce yourself”. Saya pun jawab ja lah kan, siap mention dengan birthday birthday lagi. Try to minimize your basic infos and enhance more on your abilities/specialities/interests.

If you love arts, say it. If you are a writer, speak em out loud! If you love going outdoors, tell them where have you been? Any working experience? Not a problem, share it J

This is how you drag the interviewers to ask you more and more about what you like. It’s way easier for you to answer since these are not facts you need to memorise hee. My questions were all about my writing. How did I get inspired? Since when I start to write? How to make writing fun (as a teacher)? It went for 6 to 7 questions tau.

Dan ada satu soalan last dalam Bahasa Melayu. Tahu tak, gigih saya prepare accent nak acah acah British, soalan last ni jugak saya nganga nganga nak jawab.

Sekiranya anda seorang Menteri Pendidikan, apakah perubahan yang anda ingin lakukan?

Haaa, ni soalan KBAT time PMR SPM tu kot. Haaa, maka aku pun main sebat ja lah.

Dan akhir sekali interviewers tu tanya, 

Do you have any question?

Haa mengikut blog blog yang saya baca, depa cakap time ni tanya ja soalan apa apa. Dah tengah nervous kan, saya pun tanya ja soalan sama cliché sangat, 

When will I get to know the result of this interview?

Sekali interviewer tu jawab,
 “6th of August, it will be on the web.

Saya syak soalan ni dah berapa kali kena tanya. Siap dengan tarikh tarikh sekali okay. That’s how my TESL interview was. An exciting experience, indeed. If you’d like to know more tips and tricks, feel free to drop down some comments naa. Pray the best for me and everyone, In Sha Allah. Thanks for reading, hope it helps to whomever that needs. Wassalam.


Ale Rossi said...

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Farhana Rahim said...

can i have your phone number? i'm going for an iv too ths saturday, wanna ask few questions

Tim_CNA said...

i'm going to puncak alam this saturday for the interview. it's really nerve-wrecking.

zahirah zahir said...

The last question is asked in malay. Do we have to answer in malay too?