When someone writes you a poetry and draws you pictures

Assalamualaikum, Hi! Eid Mubarak. 

I still remember the days and nights we used to spend reciting each other's masterpieces, sitting at one corner of our beds while having a good time listening and appreciating every line of words. And once in a while, the atmosphere turns to a very-silent-not-even-a-squeaking-door-sound as we are way too engrossed getting our poems to an end. That's happiness hihi! Thank you Izzati Haron for a well written poem. I woke up to a beautiful morning on that day. Thank you so much. 

Trust me,  I blinked my eyes in disbelief seeing these two sketches for the first time. These are just too much pretty! My insecurities rose up to the max. All in all, thanks a lot for these amazing drawings. It actually resembles how beautiful you actually are, Izzati! I wish to have such a fine talent like you. I'm gonna frame these so that my future husband knows how to appreciate a wife like me *laugh hysterically* Beep beep, don't forget to see more of her wonderful sketches and poems on Instagram with name @nurizzatiharon . You will definitely enjoy her posts :)

I deny not, Izzati really IZ A TEA full of sugar!

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