Giveaway Saya Nak Menang Buku Terbaru Teme

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone, 

It has been such a span of time ever since the last time I posted anything on this long-abandoned blog hehe. This time around, I would like to bid a try for this giveaway! Honestly, I am not much an avid reader, neither do I favour reading anything that is fairly heavy in the eyes macam buku motivasi hiks but Teme's writing is definitely a work of art that often left me wondering how much it takes for him to come out with such fine lines. Me-time with his books will never gone wasted. Serious, saya dah baca the previous two of his books and memang, one-seating ja boleh habis!

Tahun ni saya tak join #PBAKL2018 and tak sangka sangat sangat Teme nak datang Meet & Greet. Sebab macam mind-blown bila tengok tweets tweets #teamteme lepastu stghess sorang sorang sebab seriouslah Teme boleh buat public appearance pakai mask and yet he's looking PERFECT in every angle haaa. Paling jealous sebab ramai kawan dah dapat buku Impian Jalanan and Empayar dia and paling tak tahan yang dapat sign and a selfie with Teme saya huwaa noooooo (insert sad emoji)

With this entry, I attach together a poem which was written two years back for Teme on his very first book, Pelukis Jalanan! 

Title : To Teme Abdullah (19.08.2016)

While everyone is busy making all sort of noise,
You fight the battle quietly inside,
You run through the pain,
Bear the brunt of twists and turns,
That frost your heart deep in puzzling,
Cimmerian shade,
In one cold winter's night.

You sketch numbers of buildings and monuments,
From Westminster Abbey, Big Ben up to Coimbra,
You turn these wonderments,
Into pieces of originality,
And yet you remain mystical anonymous,
Genuinely preserving your heart.

Here I am writing a silent confession,
To an architect with no real name,
From restaurant to street busking,
You are a painter in disguise,
Who draws life in monochromatic shades and lines,
The purity and innocence you own,
Has put colours in every greyscale stroke,
You drawn.

With prayers and faith To The Almighty One,
You tangle all the knots that obstruct,
As you believe,
With hardships come ease.

Korang jangan lupa join ramai-ramai Giveaway Miss S.K tau! Hee, with that, have a pleasant day ahead! Click banner di atas untuk maklumat lanjut! By the way, ni syarat-syarat dia: 

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Hadiah ; 

  • Penyertaan kurang 50 ; 1 set buku terbaru Teme Abdullah (Impian Jalanan & Empayar)
  • Penyertaan lebih 100 ; 1 set buku tulisan Teme Abdullah (Arkitek Jalanan , Penulis Jalanan, Impian Jalanan & Empayar)

Tarikh Tutup ;

Bila-bila masa sahaja

Thank you so much Miss S.K for the giveaway and opportunity 😉


Cuya said...

caiyok2...cuya pun join..jemput singgah

Umie Yana said...

Singgah sini and all the best yee :)